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Perfect Houseplants to Brighten Your Senior Loved One’s Day

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House Plants Can Be an Important Part of Personal Health for the Elderly

The relationship between having plants to care for and health is well documented. According to one important study, indoor plants reduced stress in hospital patients in the Netherlands. In another study conducted at four hospitals in San Francisco, 79 percent of patients said they felt calmer after time spent in a garden.

Beyond these studies, there are plenty of reasons that having a houseplant can be great for your senior loved one. For one, having something to care for can give a senior a greater feeling of control and agency over their lives, which can increase optimism. Ideally, a plant will flourish under your senior’s care, but if there are a few false starts, you can always get a new plant and start the process all over again.

More Benefits of House Plants

Plants also release much-needed oxygen into the atmosphere, which creates a generally healthier, less polluted environment for your senior to live in. Clearly, this is always a plus.

While you can replace your senior’s plant if things don’t go well, it’s better if your senior is able to care for a plant so that it flourishes and lives a long time. So, what are some cheery houseplants that are fairly hardy and easy to care for, regardless of the conditions in which they may be growing?

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is truly a wonder plant. It does not require a lot of watering, and can survive in partial shade. It grows fairly easily and the sap of its leaves have medicinal properties. As long as your senior loved one keeps their aloe vera plant out of direct sunlight and does not overwater it, it should live a long time.

Cast Iron

As the name would indicate, this is a hardy plant that is not terribly hard to care for. You do need to be sure to water a Cast Iron plant regularly, but it can thrive even in deep shade (but not extreme cold or direct sunlight). Cast Iron plants are very aesthetically pleasing, with big, broad green leaves spreading out in all directions.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are commonly found in the homes of older individuals as well as younger plant enthusiasts. They are often displayed as hanging plants that trail down from baskets attached to the ceiling. They are unobtrusive and great at air filtration. These plants require a bit more care, however, and need moist soil and medium sunlight in order to thrive.

African Violet

If your older loved one prefers a flowering plant, the African Violet is a great choice. It’s important not to overwater the African Violet, though. Further, you should put it in a southern-facing window in order to enjoy beautiful blooming flowers all the time.

Jade Plants

Jade is a glossy, beautiful plant. Having jade plants can be a delight, but they do require some care. They need the right amount of water (not too much and not too little), and they need lots of light. If your senior loved one has done well with plants in the past, they may want to try graduating to a Jade plant.

Getting Senior Loved Ones the Care They Need to Thrive

While seniors of a wide range of ability levels can care for houseplants, many seniors may need assistance with their own care – assistance you cannot always provide. If this is the case for your senior loved one in the Northern California or Portland Metro area, Golden Placement Services can help. We can offer a wide range of placement options. We can help you find just the right living situation for your loved one and their plants.

To learn more, just get in touch with Golden Placement Services today. We look forward to helping you and your older loved one find the perfect living situation.


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