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Fun September Holidays to Celebrate with Your Senior Loved Ones

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Treating Your Special Senior Loved One to a Fun Day in the Fall

Holidays are always great times to catch up with your older loved ones, but your senior parents or grandparents might not necessarily be up for a Labor Day barbecue or beach day. So what are some fun September holidays that you can celebrate with your senior loved ones, taking the time to meet them where they’re at and enjoy life on their terms?

Better Breakfast Month

That’s right! September has actually been designated as Better Breakfast Month! Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day, and this can be especially important for seniors who may need proper nutrition even more.

Better Breakfast Month is a great excuse to plan a regular Sunday breakfast with your loved one. Make it an extra fun way to bring the family together, have a great start to the day, and make sure everyone is eating right!

Happy Cat Month

While National Cat Day comes at the end of October, Happy Cat Month lasts all September long! Celebrate by bringing your cat to visit your senior loved one, or bringing your senior loved one to visit your cat. If neither of you has a cat, this might be the opportunity to visit a local shelter and find a cat companion for your older loved one.

If your senior family member’s living arrangements allow for cats, they can be a great idea. After all, they are fantastic companions, lowering blood pressure, alleviating depression and curing loneliness.

Piano Month

September is also piano month! If you don’t have a piano or no one in your family plays, you could always take your senior loved one to a piano bar! Music has been found to be incredibly therapeutic for young and old alike, and the piano is one of the grandest of musical instruments. Time to celebrate it!

National Grandparent’s Day

If you have children and parents, then you want to be very sure you don’t miss National Grandparent’s Day, which is the first Sunday after Labor Day. This is the time to let your senior parents or grandparents know how much they are loved with a visit, a homemade or store-bought card, a little treat or gift, or even just a loving phone call.

National Miniature Golf Day

September 21st is National Miniature Golf Day, and a terrific excuse to get your senior loved one out of the house to celebrate a sport that almost every person of any age can enjoy: mini golf!

Ask a Stupid Question Day

September 28th is “Ask a Stupid Question Day,” originally invented in the 1980s to help students overcome their fear of asking questions. Now, it can be an opportunity to get together with your senior loved ones who can answer “stupid” questions for their grandchildren while asking a few of their own, perhaps about modern technology, current pop stars, or the Internet.

Getting the Right Kind of Elder Care for Your Loved Ones

It’s always great to celebrate with loved ones, especially older loved ones who you may worry about and not get to see as often as you like. But you also want to know that they are taken care of when you can’t be with them. If you’re looking for the right living arrangement for your senior loved one in the Portland Metro or Northern California area, Golden Placements can help.

We put seniors together with the right living situations every day, whether they need assisted living, intermediate nursing care or a retirement community. If you’d like to learn more about finding a great, supportive place for your senior loved one to make their home, contact Golden Placement Services today.


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