Summer safety tips for seniors

The Elderly Need Special Attention During Warm Summer Months

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The Elderly Need Special Attention During Warm Summer Months

As summer brings us warmer weather and plenty of new opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, it’s a good idea to consider any special steps you might want to take to make sure your senior loved ones can enjoy the summer safely. With the proper preparation, your senior loved one can have an enjoyable, safe summer – even when you’re not able to be around. Here are some important summer safety tips to consider for your senior loved ones.

Getting Proper Hydration During the Summer

This summer, the number one thing to concern yourself with regarding your senior loved ones is making sure they get proper hydration. It’s easy for the body to lose water in the summer heat, and even easier for seniors. Getting dehydrated can lead to heatstroke and other dangerous conditions, so it is important to keep those loved ones hydrated.

Make sure they get plenty of water, and even consider trying to turn your loved ones on to sports drinks, which can replace much-needed potassium and electrolytes that seniors can lose in the heat.

Keeping Cool, Indoors or Out

Right before the summer starts, it’s a good idea for you to check your senior loved ones’ HVAC systems, and to make sure the air conditioning unit is blowing cool air and functioning as it is supposed to. Some homes can get dangerously hot in the summer, and a fan is often not good enough to ward off heat exhaustion.

Also encourage your seniors to minimize exposure to the heat on very hot days, taking only short walks, wearing hats and sunscreen, and if possible, taking any excursions to air-conditioned places like indoor shopping malls or movie theaters.

Dressing Appropriately for the Heat

Make sure your senior wears lighter, cooler fabrics, especially when they go out in the world this summer. Also, it’s very important to make sure they’ve got summer wardrobe essentials like hats and UV sunglasses to protect your seniors from dangerous UV radiation that they may not even be aware they are subjecting themselves to.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Putting these kinds of items on is not necessarily fun, but they just may save a senior’s life. Again, UV rays are always a danger, so the right sunscreen is critical. If you are in an area where mosquitos are prevalent, bug spray is a must, as these bugs can carry serious viruses that can be highly dangerous and even fatal to seniors.

The Right Home Environment

If you’re not able to keep as close tabs on your senior loved one as you’d like during the summer, you might consider encouraging them to move to a senior community where professionals can make sure that they are getting the care they need during the warmer months ahead.

Naturally, choosing the right community where they can enjoy freedom and social interaction while still being safe is paramount. If you’re in the Portland Metro or Northern California area, Golden Placement Services, LLC can help. We have wide-ranging resources to help you find just the perfect living situation for your older loved one. To find out more, give us a call at 503-723-7145 (Oregon) or 209-222-7138 (CA.) or contact us online today.


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