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7 Fun and Interesting Holidays to Celebrate With Seniors This June

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Celebrating With Seniors in the Summer Season

Nothing is quite as good for the relationships we cherish with family and friends as having a celebration. And the good news is that this doesn’t really change all that much as we age. Celebrating holidays with the seniors in your life is a fantastic way to stay in touch and to share quality time with them. With that in mind, here is a curated list of seven interesting, fun holidays that you can celebrate with seniors this June.

1 – June 3rd Is World Bicycle Day

In 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the third of June to be International World Bicycle Day. Because it is low-impact in nature, cycling is one of a handful of aerobic physical activities that seniors can enjoy well into their last decades. If cycling seems a bit too energy-intensive or dangerous for your senior loved one, then you can always celebrate National Egg Day, which is also the third of June.

2 – June 4th: National Hug Your Cat Day

Many studies have shown that keeping a pet can help us deal with many of the effects of aging – particularly loneliness. Cats, because they are somewhat independent, can make ideal pets for many seniors. June fourth is National Hug Your Cat Day, a fantastic day to celebrate the joy of pets with your senior. And, if your senior is allergic or cannot keep a cat for whatever reason, the fourth of June is also National Cheese Day.

3 – June 16th: National Fudge Day

If instead you’re looking for a sweeter holiday to celebrate with your senior this month, then you’ll have to wait until the sixteenth for National Fudge Day: it’s a great day to make fudge, eat fudge, and gift fudge to a senior you care for.

4 – June 18th: National Go Fishing Day

If you or your senior loved ones enjoy fishing, then June 18th, AKA National Go Fishing Day, is the holiday for you. Grab your rod, reel, and tackle box and head for a local stream, lake, or pond. Remember that fishing isn’t exactly about catching fish, it’s about spending quality time waiting to catch fish. Your state may not even require you to have a fishing license on that day.

5 – June 20th: Summer Solstice

Throughout the ages, we have marked the passing of the seasons with a variety of traditions. June 20th is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. So why not celebrate it with the seniors in your life this year?

6 – June 21st: Of Course, Father’s Day

Another no-brainer celebration for the month of June, Father’s Day can be a great time to check in and spend some quality time with your own father, or another senior who’s been a father figure or mentor for you. After all, fathers everywhere are pretty much always worth celebrating!

7 – June 27th: National Bingo Day

Last but not least – this may either be a crowd pleaser for the seniors in your life, or the last thing they want more of. Either way, June 26th is National Bingo Day, a great day for calling out numbers, yelling Bingo!, and claiming fantastic prizes.

An Entire Month of Holidays

There you have it: a wealth of opportunities to celebrate June holidays with your senior friends and loved ones. And, if you’re looking for even more fantastic holidays to celebrate with your seniors, check out one of the many online holiday calendars. It seems like there are at least a couple of holidays for every day of the calendar year, so with a bit of hunting, you’re sure to find something worth celebrating.


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