Summer Safety Refresher: Taking Care of Senior Loved Ones in Hot Weather

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

If you have a senior loved one in your life, you probably make a special effort to make sure they are extra safe during the winter months. But the summer can hold its challenges for seniors as well, particularly that hot summer sun. Here are some summer safety tips for seniors or for those who care for them to make sure we all enjoy a happy, healthy summer.

Staying Hydrated Is Key

Hydration is important for everyone during the summer, but especially as we get older. Hanging out in the sun, especially on the beach or when participating in summer activities, can dehydrate people fast. Be sure when you’re out and about in the heat that you are drinking water regularly and always have plenty on hand.

Be Sure to Always Use Sunscreen

Protecting your skin with a high SPF sunscreen can reduce the chances of melanoma and help prevent your skin from drying out, not to mention helping you ward off potentially agonizing sunburn later.

Be Careful With Too Much Exercise

Exercise is a good idea, especially for seniors, and committing to a regular exercise routine each week is crucial. But don’t let that commitment put your health in danger. If you are operating in extreme heat, it’s okay to reduce the time of that walk or even better, move your workout indoors to somewhere air conditioned.

Keep to Cool Areas When Possible

It’s certainly okay to spend some time outside even when it’s a bit warmer, but you should limit your time in the heat, and avoid extreme heat all together. Encourage your senior loved ones to stay inside with the air conditioning if it’s too hot out, even if it means deviating from their normal routine. If their home isn’t air conditioned, offer to drive them to someplace that is, like a mall or a movie theater, during the day.

If you have a senior loved one who is living on their own, you may want to consider investing in Smart home temperature-control technology. There are systems that can alert you to the temperature in your loved one’s home and even allow you to adjust it remotely if it’s getting too hot.

Eye Care

It’s not just a senior’s skin that can be damaged by the rays of the sun; it’s their eyes, too. Make sure that your loved ones are wearing sunglasses with UV protection when they venture out into the summer sun.

Check Medications Regularly This Summer

Some medications that seniors take may actually be affected by extreme heat. Talk to the doctor about whether specific medications a senior is using may lose effectiveness in high temperatures, and what the best method for storing these medications might be.

Keep in Contact When the Temperatures Rise

On high-heat days, make an effort to check in with your senior loved one a couple of times a day to make sure that they are doing okay. In some situations, a senior may not realize that they are succumbing to extreme heat until it is already a danger.

If your senior loved one is having trouble managing the seasons, there are many great living situations for seniors available where they can receive assistance, keeping them safe.

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