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Would Your Loved One Benefit From an Emergency Alert Button?

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How to Help Seniors in the Event of an Emergency

If you have an elderly loved one, you may rightfully be concerned about their ability to get help in the event of an emergency. Over a third of accidents and falls that affect seniors happen in the home according to the CDC. If an elderly person falls or has another medical emergency such as a heart attack or stroke, it may be difficult for them to summon assistance in time.

One worthwhile solution for many who have elderly relatives or senior loved ones who live alone is an emergency alert or medical alert button.

The way they work is simple: The user wears a bracelet or necklace containing the emergency alert button. In the case of an emergency, all they have to do is press the button, and they are instantly in communication with a central monitoring station operator, just as if they had picked up the phone and dialed help.

The user can then speak an emergency message to the operator, who can immediately send rescue personnel to the location and alert friends or family members, as well. So should you consider getting an emergency alert system for your senior loved one? Read on to find out.

Advantages of Emergency Alert Systems for Seniors

The advantage to emergency alert systems like these are obvious. You and your senior loved one will have peace of mind, knowing that if a sudden emergency arises, the wearer will be able to get help fast, and you will know if anything happens.

Speed is often of the essence in the case of an emergency with a senior involved, so a quick response can be lifesaving.

Downside to Emergency Alert Systems

There are only a few downsides to having such a system. There is a monthly fee, of course, but these are usually fairly reasonable.

Your elderly loved one also may bristle at wearing the device, either because it is uncomfortable, they find it inconvenient, or they don’t want to think of themselves as someone who “needs” such a device. Also, it’s important to choose the right device, as explained below.

Research Emergency Alert Systems

It’s important to research the company you buy your emergency alert button or system from. You want to make sure they are a reputable company who has well-trained personnel at the monitoring station, and that their devices have little incidence of failure.

Further, you want to make sure that the line is being monitored 24/7, and that the device is waterproof so your loved one can wear it in the shower. On the whole, however, a good emergency alert system for your senior loved one can be priceless.

Keeping Your Senior Loved One Safe

As an alternative or an enhancement to your emergency alert button, you may want to consider finding your loved one a living arrangement where they are closer to assistance should they need it, like an assisted living facility or residential senior community.

Emergency alert buttons are great, but they are no substitute for having someone in the next building, down the hall, or in the next room who can render aid immediately.

If you and your loved one are located in Oregon or California, Golden Placement Services may be able to help you find the living arrangement you and your senior loved one need.

Our job is to take the headache out of finding a proper living arrangement among all the choices that are out there. We will narrow down the options according to your specific needs and budget to help you find the perfect solution for the ones you care about. Contact us online today.



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