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6 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Active

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Strong, Healthy Seniors Need to Stay Active Late Into the Golden Years

It should come as little surprise that it’s very important for seniors to stay active in order to maintain good health, both inside and out. While focusing on fitness and activity is healthy at any age, it’s especially important for seniors, whose ability to stay independent may rely on keeping themselves fit.

But for the same reasons that it is important for seniors to stay active, it can be difficult for them to maintain the level of activity that’s best for them. Here are six tips for helping the seniors in your life stay active.

1) Take Your Senior Loved One to the Gym

A lot of people avoid the gym but when you’re elderly, you may be concerned about embarrassment or not being able to do much, or even more than just the very basics. By going to the gym and doing exercises with your senior loved one, you can help give them the confidence they need to get healthy exercise.

2) Try Taking Your Senior Loved One for a Walk

If your senior loved one is ambulatory, almost anyone can go for at least a short, daily walk. Walking is not only great exercise, but it’s also a great way to get out and be part of the community.

3) Going Swimming

Swimming is great exercise for seniors because it is very easy on the joints and there is no risk of falling. Many local gyms often have swim exercise classes, but just spending some time doing a few laps or walking around the pool can really help encourage a senior to be more active.

4) Learn Gardening Together

Gardening is another fun activity that can help a senior stay active, as well as getting them outdoors and back to nature, and even nurturing their creativity, giving them the option to grow vegetables or flowers all by themselves or with your help.

5) Get Them Involved in Classes

Your local YMCA, gym, housing development, or event center may have regular fitness classes for older adults. They may take the form of yoga, aerobics, or some other fitness discipline. These classes not only can make it easier for a senior to overcome any possible embarrassment about exercising, but they are also a great way for them to meet peers and to make new friends.

6) Offer Your Senior Encouragement

Just like anyone who is trying to stay active and fit, seniors need encouragement. They may need even more than the average amount, as seniors’ bodies tend to let them down more often, making it easy to give up. Just as with younger people, though, the better you are to your body, the better it is likely to be to you, and it is important to remind your loved one of that.

An Active Senior Tends to Be a Healthy One

These are just a few of the many ways you can get your senior loved one involved in a more active life cycle, and just as with younger adults, the more they do it and see the positive effects to their physical and emotional well-being, it will probably be easier to get them to continue.

For more tips on helping seniors care for themselves or information on housing and care options for seniors in Oregon and Northern California, contact Golden Care Placements today.


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