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5 Ways You Can Help Seniors in Elder Care During the Christmas Holiday

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Making Sure Your Senior Loved Ones Are Cared For During the Holidays

Christmas and the end-of-year holiday season make for a wonderful time for family and togetherness, but for some individuals, it can also be a difficult and challenging thing. For those of us who may struggle with feelings of loneliness, the holidays can heighten their feelings of isolation, as they see others enjoying the company of those around them when they are not.

Feelings of isolation are a great danger for many seniors, as they can increase feelings of depression, increase incidents of falling, and increase overall mortality.

Putting your senior loved one in the right living situation is a great first step, as being at home alone can dramatically increase those feelings of isolation. But even seniors in elder care can use some help and extra love and attention during the holidays. Here are five ways you can help a senior loved one during this potentially difficult time, and spread that holiday cheer in the process.

1. Spend Time With Your Senior Loved Ones

Naturally, you will want all of your holiday festivities to include your senior loved one, but this is not always possible. Your family member may live too far away or may have health issues that preclude them being away from their elder care living situation for an extended amount of time.

Further, they may even not want to participate in holiday gatherings for whatever reason. Even if this is the case, it’s important to carve out at least some time for enjoying the holidays with your special senior so they know they are still being thought about and loved.

2. Find Out Why They Are Isolating

If a senior who you care about is declining spending time with you or other family members during the holidays, it’s important to find out why. If they simply prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of holiday gatherings, that’s one thing. But there can be other reasons.

For example, your senior loved one may be dealing with issues around incontinence, or they may be self-conscious about their inability to drive or to drive safely. If you can find out the underlying reasons, you may be able to come up with solutions that will allow them to participate more in the holiday festivities, fending off isolation and loneliness in the process.

3. Participate in Assisted Living Activities

If your senior is in an elder care assisted living facility and cannot visit you for the holidays, take the time out to visit them! There should be no reason that you cannot participate with your loved one in whatever holiday festivities the facility has planned.

4. Consider a Pet

If your senior is allowed to have pets in their living situation, consider getting them one (with their approval, of course). Having an animal to care for and nurture, whether it’s a dog or cat or even a fish or bird, can often reduce feelings of social isolation, especially during the holidays.

5. Remember the Care Givers

The winter holidays are a great time to thank those who help take care of your loved ones. Whether it’s a small gift or simply going around to personally give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who plays a role in your senior’s care, showing your appreciation can be a great way to uplift those who work so hard to make sure your senior continues to lead a fulfilling, comfortable, and happy life.

For more tips on senior care during the holidays and throughout the year, or for help finding the right living situation for your older loved ones, please visit or call Golden Placements.


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