tips on reducing stress from moving

“Moving”: Is It a Verb or an Adjective?

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What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions they will be “moving”? Usually it’s the hassle of packing all the boxes, the big moving truck pulling up in front of the home, and the adventures of relocating to a new area that pops into our minds.

However, that’s just the action or the physical part of moving. There is so much physical work required to move a household from one place to another, that we often overlook the adjective “moving,” or the emotional part of transitions.

estate planning tips

How to Avoid Family Squabbles Over Your Estate

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Should you rely on “will power” to bequeath assets? The more complex your estate, the more ill-advised that choice becomes. Having only a will in place when you die may not be enough.

If you feel one heir should receive more of your estate than another, that wish needs to be articulated in your estate planning. Learn how to avoid family squabbles when you sit down to plan your estate with a professional.

Golden Girls 80s sitcom cast

Shared Senior Housing: Those Girls Sure Loved to Have Fun!

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Cherie Henry examines the 80s sitcom Golden Girls to discuss the benefits of shared housing for seniors. With benefits including having extra company around, sharing in the expenses, and managing one’s daily needs with the help of others, shared senior housing is a pretty solid bet.

Find out if shared housing is the right option for you, when you read the article now.