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New and Creative Ideas for Spending Time With Your Senior Loved One This Fall

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Autumn Can Be a Great Season to Get Closer to Your Senior Loved Ones

The fall season is a wonderful time for you to spend quality time with senior loved ones in your life. The weather is cool, but usually not so cold that a typical senior cannot brave the outdoors with a good autumn coat. Depending upon where you live and what part of the fall season you’re in, there may also be some attractive foliage and wildlife to enjoy.

With all that in mind, here are a few fun ideas for spending time with your senior loved one this fall.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a nice fall senior activity because it allows you to get outside with your senior loved one, and the activity itself is not particularly strenuous. Getting out into nature and appreciating the beauty of life in all its forms is a wonderful way to spend time with older relatives and those who may be in your care.

Baseball Game

You’ll want to get to this one early in the fall as the Major League playoffs start in early October, but if you can get to a baseball game, it can be another great way to enjoy an exciting environment out of doors without too much stress (unless your loved one is a diehard fan of the home team).

Baseball has even been shown to help with age-related memory loss. Of course, you don’t have to watch professional sports to have a good time. If your children participate in sports in the fall, why not invite your senior loved ones to take in a game? They’re sure to appreciate it.

Digitizing Photos

Not every activity has to take place outside. Your senior loved one may have a ton of physical photos stored somewhere, or perhaps you have a box in the attic that they’re likely to respond to.

Going through old photos and getting them into digital format gives your senior loved one an opportunity to reminisce about good times while also making sure a record of their past is safely stored and easy to share with loved ones and friends.

Play Games

Those board games you loved as a kid are still lots of fun, and there are many more incredible games that have arrived since the last time you played regularly. Enjoying a game with your senior loved one can not only inspire fun and laughter, but can also spark your senior loved one’s cognitive abilities and help keep them sharp, something very important to focus on as people get older.


It’s very important that we find ways to maintain the feeling of being productive as we get older. Taking your senior loved one out to volunteer in the fall every once in a while is a wonderful way to accomplish this. Even something as simple as handing out food to the homeless can be extremely rewarding while not being particularly strenuous for your loved one.

What To Do When It’s Time for Elder Care

While you want to spend as much time as possible with your senior loved one, there are times when you can’t be around. If your senior loved one has health issues or other concerns that make it difficult to be on their own, it’s important to find help.

In the Portland Metro and Northern California area, Golden Placements is here to provide that help, assisting families in finding the right kind of adult care home or assisted living community for your loved one. We’re here to help right now, so if you need assistance finding the correct standard of care for your senior loved one, contact us today.


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