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Downsizing or Settling an Estate? Consult a Professional

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Tips From Sandra Millius of Millius Estates

When you are relocating, helping someone else do so, or liquidating an estate, it is wise to consult with a professional estate sale provider.

The estate sale professional can offer advice about how to best sell or otherwise liquidate your possessions. She can describe the various options and help you decide which method(s) best meet your needs. That consultation is free and generally done at the home (or location of the sale items).

If an estate sale is the best option, the estate sale professional will perform a number of services to prepare items for sale, to conduct the sale and to arrange disposal of goods not sold. In most cases those services include: cleaning, organizing and display, marketing & advertising, as well as staffing both the prep & sale, and providing various clean out services.

Preparing for an Estate Sale

While preparing for the estate sale, the professional may recognize that certain items should be sold in another venue. And, certain items that remain unsold after an estate sale, may likewise be candidates for sale at auction or otherwise.

The experienced professional, trained in appraisal methods, can be expected to recognize such items, research their value, call in special experts when required, and determine the best sale venue. That professional can handle art, antiques and the spectrum of residential contents!

What to Consider When Selecting a Professional Estate Sale Specialist

  • Years the company has been in business and/or experience in related fields of business.
  • Qualifications: the specialist is expected to be able to put a value on the items to be sold. Ask how pricing is determined & when, or if, they utilize other experts.
  • Ask for references from past clients – and check them out.
  • Ask about fees. Estate sale fees are based on a percentage of gross sales, often backed with a minimum fee. Ask what services are covered and what additional services, if any, are charged against the gross sales amount.
  • Is the professional’s company registered, bonded and insured?
  • Ask for a contract & review it carefully prior to signing.

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Ask the right questions and make sure you do some comparison-shopping to insure you get the best in service! Call or email Jeff Motsinger & Sandra Millius for a free consultation today. 503.382.3838 or

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  1. Thanks for this great post on estate sales. I like what you put about preparing for an estate sale. I didn’t know that certain items that go unsold could end up being sold in an auction or somewhere else. It would be super helpful to have a professional know what to do best in these situations. Thanks for the helpful information!

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