HB 2661-8 senior referral agent videos

Learn More About HB 2661-8 for Seniors With These Helpful Videos

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Protect Seniors From Unscrupulous Referral Agents With HB 2661-8

There are self-serving, unethical senior referral agents who take advantage of older adults. HB 2661-8 would set standards, regulations and oversight on the senior referral industry. Watch this short video about a real senior who was put at risk by an unscrupulous referral agent. Please, join OSRAA members in supporting HB 2661-8. (video is only 1:35 long)

Video: Why Support HB 2661-8?

Video: Mary Gets Insider Help

Mary cares for her husband with Alzheimer’s. He’s up at night. She needs to find Memory Care for him. Mary calls a member of Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association (OSRAA). She gets help from Betty.


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